Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who were those protesters? What did they want?

At the very beginning, Gezi Park protesters were less than a hundred, but the number reached thousands in a couple of hours when Gezi Park protesters were attacked by police. A quick survey ran online in June 2013 by Sociology students of Istanbul Bilgi University showed that protesters define themselves 'supporters of freedom who are mad at Erdogan'.

Researchers reported that %39.6 of the protesters were aged between 19-25; %24 between 26-30. %53.7 was never involved a street protest before.

%70 didn't define as belonged to any political party, %14.7 was hesitant about it, only %15.3 felt belonged. Clearly, as opposed to claims of Erdogan; no political party ran the protest.
%81.2 called her/himself as 'freedom supporter' (liberal), %64.5 as secular.

Why did they protest?

Authoritarian attitude of PM Erdogan %92.4
Excessive police force against protesters %91.3
The invasion of democratic rights %91.1
Silence of Turkish media %84.2
Demolish of the trees %56.2
Involved because of the supported political party %7.7

What they want?
Stop police violence %96.7 
Respect the freedom %96.1 
Asking for a new political party %37.0 
Wants the military take the control %6.6
Military control? No, thanks! %79.5

What Did They Want?

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