Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Never lose the sense of humor, especially under crackdown!

People of Turkey have a great sense of humor.

Everyday I'm Chapulling! The word 'chapulling' was born in June 2013, when PM Erdogan called Gezi Park protesters as 'Çapulcu' (marauder). Come chapul with us!
25 examples of street humor from Istanbul protest.
Keep calm.
More about chapulling.
Even being a police is fun sometimes.
Penguin documentary with protesting voices.
Penguins resist with us.
36 surreal and defiant photos from Istanbul.
Syria vs Turkey
Erdogan is falling down falling down falling down.
Wanna play again?
Several JOBS available.
Watching the news.
NMA world edition video about Erdogan. from Taiwan
What PM Erdogan said about the people protesting from their houses making their voice out using pots and pans is: "Pots and pans, the old same tune."
We don't need no gas bombs.
RHCT and many more here Diren Gezi Parki
All chapuling songs

There are many more but unfortunately most of them are, of course, in Turkish. Still, you will enjoy to watch this video in which English teacher resister introduces the new verb "to chappul".

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