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What happened in Turkey in 2013?

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In short: A peaceful protest to protect the last public park in Istanbul's center from being a shopping mall, turned into a big nation-wide demonstration upon unbalanced use of force (gas bombs, water cannons, beating) by police, leaving many severely injured, some killed. The prime minister, who's been governing the country as almost a dictator, ignores the public opinion, does not take action, and threatens the demonstrators. Worse, police violence and demonstrations in over 40 cities didn't take place in Turkish TVs, for first 3 days of the demonstrations which apparently have fear of the government, as many anti-government journalists are in prison, since the judiciary has been taken over by pro-government officials.
Brutality in numbers: 11 dead, more than 8000 got injured.
(Update July 2014 - 17 dead)

Media Censorship and Police Terror.
Istanbul Rising
Occupy Taksim
Never forget this scream.
Overall look by TV news.
Resist Gezi, with love.
Turkish Airlines workers who are on strike support Gezi Park.
HaberTurk protest.
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Children of Love @ Gezi Park.
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Meet the protesters.
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Written materials:
Digital collection of Gezi Park articles (Chronological order:).

Resistence in Gezi Park day by day.
Turkish state violence evident with pictures.

Videos - Chronological order:
June 29 - Istanbul. Protest goes on.
June 22 - Taksim, Istanbul. Police attack.
June 15 - Taksim, Istanbul. German News (with English subtitles)
June 15 - Hilton Hotel, Istanbul. Police - in the hotel!!!
June 15- Istanbul. Protester is shot by plastic bullet.
June 13 - Ankara. Police attack.
June 12- Ankara. Streets.
June 12  - Taksim, Istanbul. Singing together. :)
June 12 - Taksim, Istanbul. Imagine. :)
June 11 - Taksim, Istanbul. Tear Gas.
June 11 - Taksim, Istanbul. It's like a war.
June 10 - Ankara. Street protests.
June 9 - Ankara. Without the police.
June 9 - Ankara. Streets.
June 8 - Ankara. Before police attack.
June 8 - Ankara. Streets.
June 8 - Guvenpark, Ankara.
June 7 - Dikmen, Ankara. Marching.
June 6 - Ankara. Ciao Bella
June 5 - Antakya, Hatay. Streets, shots, fire.
June 5 - Istanbul. Peaceful protesters sing in Gezi Park.
June 5 - Ankara. Streets.
June 5 - Ankara. Police use plastic bullets.
June 5 - Istanbul. Protest in Judicial Court of Turkey by court officials.
June 5 - Ankara. Streets.
June 5 - Kizilay, Ankara. TV channel showed the police attack online, by chance!
June 5 - Adana. Attacking a local TV channel cameraman with plastic bullet.
June 4 - Dolmabahce, Istanbul. 15 policemen tries to arrest one protester, who I couldn't even see!
June 4 - Gazi District, Istanbul. Streets.
June 4 - Adana. Police shot pepper gas for nonsense.
June 4 - Fethiye, Mugla. Fethiye support to Gezi Park! :)
June 4 - Hatay. Panic at streets because of police shots.
June 4 - Istanbul. No gas without Jazz! :)
June 4 - Taksim, Istanbul. A real "game-play".
June 4 - Istanbul. Police shoot a pepper gas to a woman while she's screaming that she's ill.
June 4 - Istanbul. Police shoots pepper gas into houses.
June 4 - Taksim, Istanbul. Woman clear the slangy slogans from walls. :)
June 3 - Kizilay, Ankara. Police was shooting pepper gas while there were no protesters around!
June 3 - Alsancak, Izmir. Police attacks the man who records them by camera.
June 3 - Ankara. Police attack.
June 3 - Ankara. People protesting police attack using pots and spoons!
June 3 - Istanbul.
June 2 - Dolmabahce, Istanbul. Dolmabahce mosque became a first aid point.
June 1 - Dolmabahce, Istanbul. Streets.
June 1 - Taksim, Istanbul. Streets.
May 31-Taksim, Istanbul. Protesters share their food with the police and are awarded with tear gas.
May 31 - Taksim, Istanbul. Streets.

For more; with daily news: Resist Taksim

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